Top 5 Free Android Games 2014

Top 5 Free Android Games 2014

Android games are available in a mindboggling array of genres and varieties, with some of them offering them fare without the need of any payments on the part of the users. The ‘lite’ version of the paid games do not prove to be of much value to the users because they are bound to feel irritated by the constant barrage of pop-ups requiring payment for unlocking the further levels. However, the choice of free games available on the android platform makes it an exciting scenario for all game lovers who do not wish their addiction to become heavy on their pockets.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is among the most popular of racing game on the mobile platform at this moment, and an over-the-top experience that gamers are likely to adore. Players can progress their career and unlock various upgrades by winning races, or challenge their friends in the multiplayer mode. It sports an extremely innovative Infected mode where the players have to tag someone else before them succumb to an explosive virus. The high-end graphics and mind-blowing soundtrack helps in making this game a trip worth taking.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 has brought a twist to the first-person-shooting genre by setting a zombie apocalypse as its backdrop. The game provides an extremely realistic in-game graphics, and a robust hideout for making weapons for the protagonist. The gameplay focuses on moving and aiming, thanks to the auto-fire mechanism. Players earn currency throughout the different levels, which makes it possible to opt for the various upgrades without having to pay any real currency. This high-quality shooter game hosts regular events with collective rewards for players reaching the goals set in new parts of the world.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. belongs to the strategy based game genre, and has a rather morbid theme of infecting human population on a global scale. Players need to evolve deadly virus and spread the infection, while unlocking new disease types with their unique traits along the way. Players also need to plan their strategy according to the various World events, taking different factors such as means of transmissions and resistances.

Plants vs. Zombies

Players of Plants vs. Zombies need to defend their back lawn from hordes of zombies, and take the help of different flowers ranging from sunflowers to peas for beating the undead. The game presents challenging scenarios on every level to keep it interesting, and requires clear strategy on part of the players to select the right combination of flowers and their placing to repel the waves of marauding zombies.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die requires the players to get through simple mini-games, which gets progressively difficult. The game can be quite educating as well by teaching the players not to do anything stupid near the tracks.

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