New Android Games you must have in October 2015

New Android Games you must have in October 2015

Android welcomes its subscribers to the end month fun edition with some games. The new game launched this month is the dungeon crawler, Pokémon puzzle, and the zombie shooter. Among them, there are also best games that you might have missed in the first round when they were launched early last month. These are the best games you should be playing this month all free from Android.

Dungeon Boss

It is a fierce little dungeon crawler where the battles take place in a turn-based fashion. You are required to get your way through some lesser foes to meet the dungeon boss at the end of each stage. If you defeat the end-of-level beast, you will receive a trove of gold. It looks similar to double fine costume quest with, its artistic style and 3D graphics looking pretty. However, the advanced levels of the games are a bit hard, and you may need to run it on a decent phone.


It’s a model of the MADFINGER Games, but a completely different first person zombie shooter. This game requires you to fight your way through New York City streets on the onset of a zombie apocalypse. You will use the left side of the screen to control movement and the right side to target the enemy. The weapons fire automatically to anything that come to sight, therefore the controls of the game will have a smooth sensation. There is much to do, but it’s funny to blast through the undead hordes with extra bullets.

Pokémon Shuffle

It’s the first and free Pokémon game to be released on Android beyond the borders of Japan. The game entails three levels and in each level you must fight a battle with a Pokémon. Winning involves catching the Pokémon that you faced at that stage. However, the chances of defeating the Pokémon depends on how tactical you get while playing the battle.

Card Crawl

Card Crawl entails some cell-shaded graphics a handful of cards. The cards depict the weapons, coins and monsters that stand in place of a dungeon through which you must make your way through. The aim here is to remove all the 52 cards from your opponent’s deck, by equipping your character with weapons. To complete the game successfully, you must be tactical enough with which cards to play and which to leave on the table.

Hitman: Sniper

It’s a legendary and anti-hero game that makes its second appearance on Android. This time, it features 47 snipers in a Gun Gallery sniping game. Each sniper assigns you to kill targets across 150 missions. To kill them you can either shoot them directly or imaginatively by making the environment look like accidents. Go on with your satisfyingly violent hits, and unlock weapon parts to improve your arsenal.

Earn to Die 2

This game, require you to drive a vehicle mudded to the maximum and with murderous weaponry – across the apocalyptic 2D platformer levels. In this case, you aim at hitting as many zombies as possible. There is a multiple of vehicles to choose from. The game kicks off in a desert and goes on through urban landscapes, highways and subway tunnels.

Kung Fury/ Street Rage

This is a tie with the best movie of the yea. It involves a hilarious throwback to street-fighting games. All you do is to control the Kung Fu cop as he battles the way to stop the Nazis and Hitler. Are you nostalgic for visuals, music’s and gameplay? Kung Fu is your choice.

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