Best Android Games for Kids 2015

Best Android Games for Kids 2015

Android has thousands of games for kids. These games can be a good source of entertainment for children and helps parent keeping their child busy. Kids love to play mobile games. Android games are mostly interactive. Therefore, they are more liked and played by children. Here, I have compiled the list  of Best Android games for kids based on their concepts, popularity, graphics and prices.

Puzzle fun for kids & toddlers

It is a game that has attracted many parents for their small kids and toddlers. It is a fun and learn game for them. You will have to solve animal picture puzzles and on doing so, you will be rewarded balloons. The game is developed by Weedoo. It gained so much popularity among  small kids. Weedoo has even launched Puzzle fun for kids 2  as its follow up.  The game has kids interactive graphics . It drives problem solving art in kids. This game is exclusive for toddlers as it is designed to be interactive with that age group.

Doodle Jump

It is a hottest game and undoubtedly deserves place here in this list. Gaining its popularity as Apple IOS game ,Soon made its mark in android too. Again , it has good graphics keeping children’s point of view. It is free . The concept of game is that you have a doodle character. You have to make it jump . There are helping tools available (e.g. Jet ,Rockets , Propellers etc. )making this game more interesting and catching attention of kids. The developers rightly claim this game  addictive !

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Angry Birds

Who just doesn’t know about Angry  Birds.  This game was one of biggest hits in Android Games.  Angry Birds is quite popular among children . The theme of the game is  , you have birds with unique abilities , you have launch them with such angle , that they destroy a structure , which is changes after every level. Considering its popularity , company also launched angry birds toys too.

Worms 3

Worms was a popular game before its inclusion in android platform but now making its debut in android , it has set  new levels of success in Android too. Worms 1 and 2 weren’t able to get top in charts but Worms 3 has good no. of downloads , with fairly good reviews too. You can play this game with others online too. It is a game following around battle strategies with fun . It isn’t free but a really good game to play.

Subway Surfers

It is a good game for children above 4. It  tests player’s control and ability to notice and react fast. In this game , you have to dodge obstacles coming on your way . The pace of the game increases with time passing by.  With huge no. of downloads and extremely good review . This game deserves the place as no. 1 in top games of 2015.

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