Best Android Games for Kids 2014

Best Android Games for Kids 2014

As this is the age of tech gadgets, everyone have a different variety of it. Kids mostly spend their time on playing different types of games on tablets and phones. So, the question arise which category of games they like whether it is arcade, adventures, puzzle, action etc.? This article will introduce you with many of kid’s android games which they should like. There are many games which are being introduce in Google play store. I have a very good list of 5 android games which your child might like.

Best Android Games:

100 Ballz


The game is very simple and interesting, not very difficult. Simply there is basket loaded with balls, for each balls you need to pass it through an open glass. The gate will be open after a glass is passed, the score is depend on how many balls you have passed through the glass, and each ball color has different score. The game is over when you lose all the balls.

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My Paper Plane

my paper plane

Paper plane is the most favorite for children all the time. An adventures type of game it’s pretty interesting, you are flying a paper plane by tilting your device through a 3d environment. There are 16 different types of level, with awesome powerups .

Download link :


Unblock Car

unblock car

Unblock the car is the most popular car puzzle game. Your car is stuck between different cars all you need to pass your car by sliding other cars in their respective position. This game includes many difficulties levels you can set easy one for your child.

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Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots: A Game About Connecting

A very good connecting game , connect different dots with different colors and compete with your Facebook and twitter friends .The game is very addictive , There is no time and move limit . Each dot you can earn different Power-Ups. Boost your game by using these powerups . Your child might like this game much.

Download link:


Doodle Jump

Doodle jump

One of the hottest game of all the time Doodle Jump .Very loving game for all the children. A doodle character you have on the screen jumping continually. Avoid different enemies by tilting your device also you can fire by touching your screen.

Download link:


Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja

A juicy android fruit slicing game. Cut different kind of fruits by sliding your finger on the screen. Choose three different kind of game stages Arcade, Classic and Zen. Customize your attributes by unlocking different kinds of weapon. Complete your missions and earn rewards:

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