Best 5 Android Apps for kids 2014

Best 5 Android Apps for kids 2014

What are the Best 5 Android Apps for kids 2014? Talking Tom Cat, Kids Math, Kid Coloring- Kid paint, Kids cars and Kids TV Cartoon. Let’s review!

Talking Tom Cat


The best and the most fun app of all the time Talking Tom Cat. Tom is your pet and you can talk to him , it copy everything you say , and responds you in a funny voice. The most downloaded app of all the time. You can touch and beat him. You can grab his tail , you can give him glass of milk. Also you can record your videos and share it on Facebook , YouTube and more. If your kid is getting bore then open the Talking Tom cat .

Download Talking Tom Cat:

Kids Math


It would be great if your kids learn math’s while playing games . This game will help your kids in developing  math’s sense. Before going to school it good to learn the basics of math’s. The game has very good graphical UI. The game is well developed in each levels you have to answer about 5 to 10 questions. This is the most recommended app for your kids.

Download Kids Math:

Kid Coloring – Kid paint


Kids like coloring much, they waste a large amount of papers on coloring also demand for expensive color pencils. Your life would be easier if you install Kid coloring  app on your kid’s Tab. This apps include two feature touch to color and real ringer painting. App include different scenes and sketches for coloring. The app can install on your phone as well.

Download Kid Coloring- Kid paint:

Kids cars


Kids have great love for cars. In this application you can create your own vehicle , feels like you have garage. You can customize your vehicle , repaint your cars with your favorite color. You can fix almost every part of your vehicle. This application will develop imagination sense in your kids , he will learn the structure of a car. You can create different types of vehicle like a truck , an ambulance , a motorbike and a car. No ads in this app , a very user friendly environment you can navigate through.

Download Kids cars:

Kids TV Cartoons


This is the application what your kids need. The application is linked with YouTube. No need to watch your favorite cartoons on web browser. You can search almost every cartoons TV shows. Angelina Ballerina , Bob the Builder , Mickey Mouse , Gumball , Tom and Jerry and much more. Just open the app and search about your favorite cartoon.

Download Kids TV Cartoons:

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