Android vs. IPhone Gameplay

Android vs. IPhone Gameplay

As we know that there is a strong battle between android and IOS both are working hard to make their phone and Operating system much effective from the other but now it is known to everybody that android ha the biggest market and business as compared to Apple.

Apple is still running their own hardware like processors and graphics resolution chip. But android has the best game play as it have NVIDIA GPUs which are very high as compared to apple. Apple’s app store have less games as compared to Google play store.

Apple also banning much games which are also running on android such as Flappy bird which is the most popular game in smart phones but Apple ban it.

IOS have less resolution than Android.

Android phones are much cheaper than Apple so people are going with Android for games.

Android have HD games like Amazing Spiderman, Half-life and much more.

Due to high graphic resolution and GPUs android have good game play Android is giving much games free of coast in his store while Apple is charging for them.

IOS still using dual core CPU while android is going with Octa core CPU for better performance for gaming. If a person playing online game with his friend and his friend have the same game on IPhone then there will be huge difference of both devices. IPhone will run this game slower than android. The game named Rise of the blobs is available for both devices and it have high rating in android devices as shown in graph.

android iphone gameplay

In conclusion we should go with android for better performance of gaming and features. Android is cheaper than IPhone and it have more high hardware spec.

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